Search Engine Optimization or SEO is one of the longest trends to have existed in content marketing. SEO is one thing you can never miss to do if you want visibility for your website online. That being said, people often seem to get it wrong sometimes. They do not know what to do when it comes creating SEO friendly content. It would be important if you get updated on the best SEO practices. Here is how to write SEO friendly content starting today.

Create unique and original content

Do not get it wrong when it comes to creating something unique and original. It does not mean that you have created something someone has never written about. It simply means that your content cannot be an exact copy of other content online. Google is really good when it comes to identifying duplicate content online. When identified, Google will not index such a page with duplicated content.

Sometimes you can be punished for having duplicate content. The original writer of the content spends a lot of time and resources to create content, so naturally it does not feel good when the content is plagiarized. Some think adding a link back to the original content makes it unique. As much as it is ethically correct to do so, it does not make your content original.

If you are unsure if the content is original, you can use Copyscape. This is a tool most bloggers use to check their content to see if it is unique. You have to make sure that your content is reported as 100% unique by the tool.

Do research before working on the post titles

Your title post is important as it determines if someone will click on it or not. The title post that describes the content in brief is important to ensure that you get pass the message that you intend to the readers. The title is also crucial to help the search engines understand what your content is all about. When a person enters a search term in the search engine, it has to be matched to several titles. With proper titles, then you can expect more traffic.

Of course, you will have to do a bit of keyword research. The types of keywords have to be what the users might enter into the search engines. This will mean that the search engines can pick up your titles easily based on what the readers want. The title has to be social and attractive. This means that the user has to be intrigued into clicking on the title to read further.

Pay attention to the introductory part

When it comes to indexing pages, the search engines will crawl your webpages. The aim is to understand the context before it can be indexed. You have to make it easy for the crawlers by having a good introduction. If you are keen, then you must have noticed that the introduction part is always listed if you do not have a meta description. Mention several keywords in the introduction to help with indexing your page easily based on the keywords.

The introduction is not just for the crawlers, even your readers need something that captivates them. You will be tempted to include keywords in the introduction, but you have to make the integration of such keywords natural. Do not make someone read the content twice to understand what you mean.

Do not forget to work on the body of the page or content

From the tips above, you might have noticed they are about the titles and introduction part. This does not mean that you need to forget about the body of the page. Give the body the necessary attention that it deserves. You have to make sure it is well structured to make it easy for the reader to go through it. For most people, they like if the body is scanable. This means that even if they read the subheading, they already know what the content is about. Make sure to also use the important keywords in the text. Good keywords will help you end up with better content as they blend into the body seamlessly.

Interlinking is necessary for SEO

As part of improving SEO, there is the need to consider having more internal links in your texts. Well, it is not just about linking. Whatever you link has to be relevant to the keyword used in the linking. It is better to do many internal links rather than external linking. You can do a bit of external linking to expose your website further, but do not overdo it. Internal links will also help with navigation. If you have a menu, with the links you can skip to various contents or titles faster.

Show your author bio and name

Let people know more about the content creator. You do not have to hide anymore. The best part is that the author bio does not have to be long. About 3 lines of content should be enough to let people know more about you. Insert a keyword specific to your website to help boost it in SEO too.

When it comes to SEO, we cannot finish all the trends. You simply have to be updated with what you need when it comes to using SEO. The methods change over time with some being updated to be better than ever. If you can maintain good SEO practices, then you should end up with better online presence.

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