WordPress development   

WordPress development is not for mediocre programmers. Coding, themes and plugins development requires expertise and skill. That is what we at Cali Collective Marketing guarantee.

WordPress happens to be a CMS (Content Management System) that is both open source and free. It is primarily build on PHP even though it applies substantial quantities of CSS, HTML and JavaScript in various ways. WordPress must have web server installation so as to function. The web server can either be a component of a hosting service or some network hosting. For the purpose of learning and single user experimentations WordPress can run on a computer. The features of WordPress are primarily template system and plugin architecture.

Popularity of WordPress

WordPress is said to be one of the most popular websites. Ten million top websites recorded a 29.3% preference for WordPress by January of 2018. It is alleged that WordPress is the most preferred blogging or website management system. It supports an excess of sixty million websites. Other domains of applications like PDS use WordPress.

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WordPress Programing Languages

PHP is the scripting language that manages every aspect of WordPress i.e. interactions with and connection to MySQL database. This language can be employed in achieving amazing WordPress functions. It is the primary WordPress language. CSS is the second most important scripting language for WordPress. It encompasses the manner in which a website is styled. It helps in differentiating the website from the rest. It is a difficult language to master and it requires a lot of expertise to handle.

HTML in WordPress can be described as the building around which PHP and CSS functions ride on. HTML is a relatively easy language to master although it is extremely fundamental in the creation of websites.

JavaScript is also used in WordPress although in terms of preference WordPress requires PHP, CSS and HTML rank higher. JavaScript can run in a browser therefore facilitating in making the website interactive and dynamic. It is a powerful language although with WordPress the language is not quite necessary for starters.

WordPress Development Paths

Themes: The development of a theme is a common entry level point in WordPress development.  Users of WordPress have the ability to switch between themes and even install new ones. Themes make it possible for users to alter the appearance and functionalities of their website without having to change site content and core code. Each WordPress site must have a theme and such a theme must be designed in compliance with PHP, CSS, HTML structures and WordPress standards.

WordPress developers begin the learning process with themes. The development of a theme entails use of all the primary WordPress languages and an understanding of the manner in which WordPress assimilates with various aspects. The advantage with WordPress is the ability to view code used in developing other themes. You are able to learn how the theme was designed. Building a theme from nothing would be a good way of learning WordPress.

Plugins Development: The plugin architecture for WordPress makes it possible for users to expand functions and features of their blog or website. WordPress contains more than 50,000 plugins and each of them makes available customized characteristics and functions. This makes it possible for the user to customize the website to fit their specific needs. Customizing a website might entail SEO (Search engine optimization), CMS, display features of content such as navigation bars ad widgets, Clients portals applied for the display of private information for users who are logged in etc.

Some of the plugins may not function as required due to lack of upgrades. Most of these plugins can be accessed through WordPress or through download and installation of files manually. Most third parties provide plugins through their websites. Plugin packages are often paid for. With an amazing plugin it is possible to change the default installations on WordPress into anything. Some of the common plugins include membership sites and social networks etc.

Our unique services

Developing the core WordPress software requires exceptional skills. Without Prior PHP expertise it is almost impossible to develop WordPress. We will provide you with a comprehensive web development and design that incorporates SEO, branding, and focused conversations from visitors. Even though our main focus is coding and technology we pay special attention to user experience and customer journey.

Our WordPress development projects begin from search engine all the way to content and finally the call-to-action. Our objective is to assist you develop a transformational environment digitally with a focus on your customers and the journey they take. We will offer you ecommerce solutions using an integrated membership forum. We will provide you with optimal solutions to satisfy all your marketing objectives and goals.

For clients with unique requirements we promise to deliver customized solutions which might include taxonomies, plugins which are specifically coded and designed for the project requirements, customized post types and APIs. All our WordPress designs and projects for development comply with structured processes that will assist in the execution of projects within budget and in good time. Each of our teams is championed by dedicated members.

We have SEO experts, content managers, graphic designers and backend and frontend coding teams. We believe in the benefits accrued from SEO. For this reason we are careful to integrate SEO in all the projects we execute. We will assist you develop a website capable of attracting search engines and motivating users to transform the sites into important leads, revenue and good sales. We know we are the best.