If you have a website that’s not attracting enough traffic and conversions as per your expectations, you need a redesign. If you don’t, your competitors will have a competitive advantage over you as their sites will be more visible than yours.

Also, if your website’s pages are failing to show up on the first page of Google as a result of bad SEO optimization, contact Cali Collective Marketing so we can start redesigning it.

Today’s marketplace is rapidly changing so you can’t avoid website redesign that will make yours up-to-date. Failing to embrace the latest technology is one of the biggest mistakes a business can do in today’s world.

At Cali Collective Marketing, we will update your business websites using the latest technological innovations so it can render well on mobile devices, as this is one of the most important changes your site needs.

We don’t just create a website for the sake of it, we ensure to create a unique one that utilizes up-to-date technologies. This makes it friendly to search engines, load fast, and aesthetically pleasing with the best conversion on mobile devices. We also ensure it is fully compatible with computers.

The Cali Collective Team comprises of experienced designers who have undertaken an array of projects that have equipped them with skills to deliver with a high level of competency. Regardless of whether you need a complex website for your business or a simple personal website, we know what it takes to make it unique, engaging, competitive, and user-friendly.

Before we begin work we listen to our customer’s expectations and pay close attention to details, and look at competitors’ websites so we can know how to create unmatchable designs. We thenprofessionally redesign the website and customize it to the customer’s requirements so we can deliver the best results.

At Cali Collective Marketing, we strive to meet customer expectations at first delivery and take great pride in having each of them satisfied and happy. Our team works around the clock to create a custom redesigned website showcasing your business’s values, uniqueness, and philosophies.

Why our Website Redesign Services?

Improves Search Engine Ranking

As more and more people get connected to the internet, businesses need to increase their online presence. Recent reports show that Americans conduct an estimated 12billion Google searches every month. With our web redesign services, we make your site SEO friendly so it can catch some of this traffic. Experts have proved that SEO strategy attracts website visitors. We will come up with a perfect strategy for your business, implement it, and monitor its performance so you can get the best online presence.

Improve User Experience (UX)

One of the most important characteristics of a good website is the ease of use. We do hierarchical or structured web design that allows visitors more access to vital business information. We make sure to include elements such as videos and splash pages, so delighted visitors get higher chances of becoming leads for our clients’ businesses.

Optimize for Mobile

Studies show that these days most people access internet from mobile. We take advantage of this new market by redesigning old websites to become mobile friendly. We also update outdated mobile-friendly sites so users can get the best experience. With the rapid mobile software and hardware developments, you regularly need to update your sitefor the best performance.

Mobile redesign is one of our main services because we understand that by building a mobile-friendly website, we will attract more potential customers to your site and promote your brand.

Create Converting Landing Pages

Our website redesign services enable your site to include landing pages so you can convert traffic into leads. A good landing page can do wonders for your business as it can make them to give their contacts, which will eventually lead them to making purchases. Websites have a tendency to entice traffic with downloadable content such as whitepapers and E-books.

It’s absolutely necessary to execute this sales funnel as only 4 percent of first-time site visitors are ready to make a purchase.

Social Sharing Capability

When we redesign websites, we enable them for social sharing and other inbound marketing. In this case, all updates you will make to your website design will be shared to your social media followers. By growing a healthy and trustworthy online community, you will make more sales. By making a digital makeover for your website, we will have transformed it. If you think your company website has gone stale, contact us and we will be glad to help you.

Easier Content Update

We redesign websites so they can be compatible with WordPress and other content management systems (CMS). If you run a business whose information changes frequently, a CMS will make it easier for you to update your content in an easier and faster manner. Regular site update raises a business’s search engine index, which may attract more visitors to its website.

Redesign Adds Credibility

An outdated websites is a complete turnoff to visitors. By letting Cali Collective Marketing redesign your website, we will give it a fresh, sharp and modern website that will instantly add credibility to your business. Studies show over 75 percent of internet users make judgments of a business based on the web design.