We have a team of skilled, experienced website designers who incorporate all essential web design elements thoughtfully and carefully into your website. This helpscreate an incredible experience and journey, and increase conversion rates which in turn increase revenue for your business.

We do all we can to achieve a design that builds your brand and delivers information, is pleasing and usable, and is visually coherent and technically sound. We respond to technological and industry changes in real time so you can always get the most out of your websites.

To build a website that gives you the most, we make sure to include the following elements.

Hamburger Menus

For all mobile-friendlysites we create, we use the hamburger menu. Once you click on it, a navigation menu expands or drops down. We use this feature for websites because it keeps pages minimalistic. With it, we make sure to make your page clutter free, clear, and simplistic.

With this element, we can group more links within the menu. Minus implementation of the hamburger menu, there will be little room to apply navigational links at the top of the page.

Flat Design

We avoid using the once popular three-dimensional design features on websites as much as possible. We have joined the large number of companies that have stopped using 3D perceptions and shadows.

This ensures you get a clearer and easy to understand web page, which improves usability and promotes your business. It also makes your site load faster without involving all the technical aspects.

Flat Icon

When we feel that flat web design is not working it out, we consider flat icons instead. They are part of standard practice in website design and will give your site a professional and simple look that users will love.

Hero Images

We use high-resolution images to make up the entirety of your website’s homepage (Hero images), without having to use lots of content.

By using Hero images, we increase your sites’ conversion rates, as we get rid of clutter and distraction to offer your customers a single homepage with call-to-action buttons.

We take this element seriously, and love to include very little or no content, no extra links, no confusing navigation problems, or any scrolling on the page. We make it simple and very effective.

Card Design

If you are selling a product or offering a service that heavily relies on visuals, we will build a card based website as it will help showcase your products in a better manner. A card design works much like Pinterest, allowing you to display your products and services sidebyside and give users a cleaner experience.

Each of our card design is exactly what the name shows. We showcase products as tiles or cards on the site, and each tile features a specific product. This will show several projects on your page at once.

Vintage Look

We do vintage designs to offer a retro and classical feel to your website. We can use inspirations from the Victorian era, 1920s, and more.

Vintage looks are rarely suitable for businesses, if you would like to use one, we recommend doing a split test to see how it impact on your visitors.

Vintages are slowly coming to the web design industry.


We use typography that gives visitors good impression about your business. We choose a typography that will depict your business very well. For example, use of sans serif to give your site a young or modern feel.

When deciding on the right typeface, we take into account color, legibility, and target audience. Finally, we consider its compatibility with all kinds of devices.

Bold Colors

We always study your customers or potential customers before choosing a color for your website.

We choose the right color combination that will retain customers and keep them on your page. Color is an important determining factor for your website’s success.

For example, companies prefer a darker or bright background with white font as this makes their words stand out.

With this intricate contrast of colors, we will make your messages pop up and you will clearly pass the message to your users.

Patterns and Videos as a Background

To attract more customers, you need an eye-catching and more appealing visual, and a minimalistic approach. We will rid most of the text on your website pages and implement videos and larger, high-resolution photographs as your website’s background.

Including a video or background image will go many miles ahead in explaining to visitors about your business in a thoughtful and attractive way.

With these elements, users will easily navigate and most likely be converted into buying customers. As there are hundreds of tools available for content creation, users would not like to hit a homepage with reams of content.