Technology is changing very quickly and newer innovative solutions are being adopted across all industries. For the website design and development industry, one the latest development is Web 2.0 application that provides a quintessential online solution for today’s users and designers.

The Cali Collective Marketing Web 2.0 design and development will help you expand the horizons surrounding you. It also will offer many benefits that you can’t get with outdated web design and development solutions. This is new era in web design and we are happy to take you through the journey. We have all it takes to bring Web 2.0 standards to your website design and development needs.

Our customers from around the world have accepted our Web 2.0 standard as it has a large number of facilities. One of our most important products is Web 2.0 design templates, our experienced designers have innovated many solutions including color contrasts, layout intimate, intelligibility, and ease of design. We have done all we can to ensure web design 2.0 retains its key specification – looking easy. The Web 2.0 design templates have a couple other features, but designs have been simplified for users. Simple designs will help to achieve business goals.

At Cali Collective Marketing, we are committed to providing our clients with modern Web 2.0 cost-effective, innovative, and time-saving solutions for their websites. We strive to represent all your business’s core values to your customers through our Web 2.0 design so they can always trust in you.

We tailor our services and products to your customer’s needs so they can always be satisfied and feel cared for. Cali Collective Marketing has individual approach to every client and is always there to offer a helping hand when needed.

We will assist you to correspond efficiently with your website traffic and will ensure to construct a user-friendly website and Web 2.0 technologies. We will give your Web 2.0 website user interface support and ability to provide a wealthy user practice, thereby, enable it interact readily and efficiently with users.

We are a creative and highly innovative Web 2.0 design company that will promote your site with high-quality content, graphics, flash animations, and highly interactive Ajax/XHTML/CSS user interfaces. We will go beyond your expectations in websitedevelopment and design so you can achieve maximum profitability.

Why us for your Web 2.0?


We will make the contents and designs of your site dynamic with Web 2.0. This enhances visual beauty of your website. By having a beautiful website, your traffic will spend more time on it and this increases chances of becoming customers, in turn making more sales.

We never overcharge for our services and will get your site dynamic in time so you can start getting the benefits as soon as possible. If you would need any help, we will be available to assist.


We will add interactivity to your website with Web 2.0 designs. This will ensure to involve your customers thus better product positioning in their mind.

We guarantee to give your site the best interactivity – not too much or too little as either of these may hurt your business. Trust us to take your website to a complete new higher level.

Storage Facilities though Browser

We will develop your website using Web 2.0 technologies so you can get additional storage facilities through your browser.

While this process sounds complex, using it is much easier. Leave the technicalities to us and wait for a well-functioning website, if you would need any help from us anytime we will gladly provide.


Having controlover website data is one of the top priorities for any website owner. Web 2.0 will allow you exercise comprehensive data control over your site.

By letting us develop your website with Web 2.0 you get ability to control and monitor its data easily. This way you will be able to make important decisions that will make your business more profitable.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

SEO is one of the most important aspects in website design and development as it determines how well the site will rank in search engines. Every website owner is concerned with SEO in one way or the other. There are several practices that can improve the SEO of a websites.

With Web 2.0 web pages are tableless. Thus, the weight of the page is reduced;reduced weight results in less coding structure. This makes it easier for search engines crawlers to simplify indexing.

Digital Democracy

With Web 2.0 information will flow freely, and this ensures honesty from users. Obviously, when you get honest information from customers, you will be able to make the right decisions that will better your business.

Peripheral Support

Web 2.0 is the way to go and is supported in state-of-the-art mobile phones. This means all the animation on your website will be viewable in Windows Phones, iPhones, Androids etc.

Studies show that around 80 percent of internet users access the website from mobile devices, creating a mobile-friendly website is an absolute necessity. If you already have a running website that you developed with Web 2.0, we will gladly do that for you.