Cali Collective Marketing Terms and conditions 

Terms and conditions

Highlighted below are Cali Collective Marketing terms and conditions relating to web development, web design, SEO and other services. Every detail relate to all services offered.

  • Deposit and fee policy

Upon reaching an agreement concerning a service like web development or design you will be required to pay a deposit of 50% of the total fee agreed upon. The remainder shall be payable upon completion of the work and an expression of satisfaction. Satisfaction depends on terms included in the work rejection (6) and work approval clauses (5). The right to withhold a service before the prescribed deposit is paid remains with us.

The deposit is only refundable if and when the service agreed upon is not delivered as prescribed in the agreement. In case the prescribed work has started and a client terminates the contract then the deposit becomes non-refundable since the fault lies with you and not us.

  • Supply of details

You are under obligation to supply all necessary information and materials necessary to effectively complete the work specifications. Such materials and information might entails supplying: printed material, logos, written copies, photographs etc. in case of any delays in the supply of important materials we reserve the right to extend the timelines agreed upon to cater for such a delay. Where important material likely to stalls a project is not made available, we have the right to send an invoice for the section of the project for which work was completed.

  • Variations

You are allowed to alter design details. We, however, limit the number of times such alterations can be made and any additional alterations may attract some charges. Our web design and development criterion caters for any adjustments. Any fundamental deviations from the original design will attract a fixed hourly charge.

  • Delay of projects and liability

Any schedule for project completion is made with an understanding that there will be full cooperation. During project execution feedback from client is often required. We expect seamless coordination and an open communication. Delays in receiving feedback might result to project delays for client fault.Any delays that are our liability will be compensated.

  • Work Approval

We will immediately notify you after a project is complete. You are required to notify us through writing and within 1 week (i.e. 7 days) of any unsatisfactory aspects of the project. Any complaint that arrives after the seven days period of review will not be responded to. The assumption will be that work was approved. After the 7 days lapse we will invoice you for the remainder of the project fee.

  • Work rejection

If work gets rejected within seven days we will institute measure aimed at rectifying areas pointed out to our team. If we judge that the demands are unreasonable or a diversion from initial project instructions we will henceforth consider the project as satisfactory and proceed to invoice for the remainder of project fee.

  • Payment

As earlier alluded to, payment is made in two installments i.e. a 50% project deposit and the balance of 50% upon project completion. The project fee depends on project specifications and complexity.

  • Rights to Intellectual property

All the supplied material and information must have relevant authority and permissions. We are not liable for any legal claim or judicial action in relation to the materials supplied. You bear full responsibility.

  • Licensing

Upon completion of payment we will give you full authority and ownership of the website and its content.

  • Search engines

We provide SEO services but we never guarantee special positions on search engines in relation to the website.

  • Disclaimer

For the purpose of compliance with the law we exclude ourselves from any undertakings, warranties, terms, inducements, conditions, statutory, implied or express representations that relate in any shape or form to the services we offer (excluding that which has been expressly provided for in the written terms and conditions).