Responsive Web Design (RWD) is a website development method that optimizes users’ browsing experience to build a website that fits into their devices. For an optimal viewing experience to be achieved, it must be easy for users to easily read and navigate through minimum scrolling and resizing across multiple devices.

RWD utilizes three concepts namely media queries, flexible widths, and flexible images.

Flexible Widths

Unlike print media whose defining characteristic for layout is paper size, the width of websites is not. Users can view the page on various devices including desktop, tablet, mobile, iPad, iPod, and laptop. They have unlimited freedom how many times to visit a site on multiple devices.

At Cali Collective Marketing, we build websites with elements defined as a percentage of the width of the screen they are to be viewed on, and not static amount of pixels. In more technical terms, we build elements with elements defined as percentages of the wrapper that defines the edges of the website, and this isn’t always the same as the screen’s edge.

We will handle the technical matters for you and all you will see is a high-quality websites that will thrill your users and keep them of your site. We will always do our best to give your website the best functionality we can. Just leave the technical matters to us and do other important stuffs.

Flexible Images

The Cali Collective Marketing’s RWD makes use of CSS to define images with no minimum size, but with a maximum size.  By not defining minimum size, it means the images can always shrink to fit with the context they are part of in a proportional manner. By defining maximum size, they will never get pixelated or stretched.

CSS automatically keeps the aspect constant, implying there will be no pixelation. Cali Collective Marketing always applies the latest available functions of CSS so your website’s viewers can get the best experience. We promise to keep your website ahead of time.

Media Queries 

Any experienced web designer knows that media queries have been used by CSS for many years. In simple terms, media queries enable a site to redefine itself when it reaches some points so new elements introduce themselves, and a webpage continues to please the eye and maintain the highest functionality allowed by the screen

We ensure to develop the mobile site first and then add to it elements so it eventually grows into a mobile site. We have a simple reason for this: as we must give a mobile site fewer elements, we are forced to focus our attention on things that will be the most desirable for the audience. Basically, this means that your desktop website will retain those core elements, and any supplemental content that will play around them will tend to be more core-centric too.

Why our Responsive Design Services?

User experience

We make your website to look the same across all platforms and achieve consistent user experience. With our RWD we make content fluid so when visitors view your website using devices such as tablets and mobile, they can do it easily as if they were using desktop. By crafting your website to give it this feature, we enable internet users to seamlessly share your website across all devices thus giving you it chances of getting more viewers who in turn become customers.

Online presence

With our RWD, we will make your website highly appealing to your users. Studies show most internet users would like similar experience when viewing websites no matter the device they are using. By making yours responsive, we ensure you make the most of tablet and mobile traffic. Regardless of whether the visitor is viewing through a desktop, tablet, or mobile, we ensure your website looks professional to them.


By creating a responsive website for you, we enable it visually capture your brand message consistently on all platforms thus engage a larger part of your market. This helps to enhance your awareness and brand image, thus helping in attracting business.


RWD allows you to use a single website for mobile and desktop devices. This means even if you wild like to make changes to your website, you will only need to update a single website. The end result will be saving in time and maintenance costs.

Conversion Rate

These days most businesses have websites that they use for various purposes. By giving a unified user experience, we help your customers make decisions that may lead to online buying. We make your website a useful outlet for sales as it will reach the target audience and a niche fan base.

In summary, by letting we do your RWD, you will stay ahead in online competition. As most people now use mobile and tablets for internet compared to desktops, website owners need WRD more than any other time. There are many benefits WRD will give them including lower maintenance costs, strong online presence, better user experience, and effective SEO. Now that Google’s latest algorithm change will make RWD a deciding factor in page ranking, you should contact Cali Collective Marketing in time so we can put your site ahead of time.