As design to code services are gaining popularity very quickly, many businesses and designers are continually outsourcing the conversion part of their web design projects.

No matter your situation, you need reliable experts to convert your PSD to HTML using the best practices. At Cali Collective marketing, we know how to figure out the most cross-browser friendly and efficient way of converting.

We take in both flattened images and well-organized PSDs. At Cali Collective Marketing, our experts have extensively practiced with both formats and will slice them into code in a quick and efficient manner. But, we prefer PSD because its organized layers make development from scratch very easy. But, if you only have the flattened images, we can still work with them to create the best code for your website.

Flattened Image

We know how to get around Photoshop to get a slicing tool to use when you only have PSD that has been flattened into an image. We can also use the slicing tool to pick images in an organized manner even if your images are not flattened.

The major setback for slicing a PSD and not thinking through it is the limited access to some separate pages which will make us use more images than necessary. The problems with this is slow page load speed and poor SEO for corresponding pages. If we can’t avoid slicing, we know all techniques to use so your website won’tsuffer much.

Organized PSD

We try to avoid slicing as much as possible because it is inefficient and confusing. We know that benefits of coding from scratch with as little imagery as possible far outweigh slicing. The following are some reasons we start off with more organized separate layers:

  • It’s very easy to know the typography details of your design. We organize PSD in such a way that anyone who wants to know more about it will find all information about it by visiting the Character Panel in Photoshop.
  • By accessing logos, headers, images and other content individually, we can save them as transparent images, thereby, has little worry about the exact portion of background they will appear on.
  • A complex design may result in confusing background images. By separating all the layers, we hide all the content layers and choose a group of layers that could work well as a large background.

Why Our PSD to HTML Services?

Saves Time

If you have only a few in-house designers or don’t have any, you will find our services invaluable. We specialize in converting Photoshop designs to HTML in a professional, efficient, and timely manner. Outsourcing your work to our experts will same your time, allowing you to focus on other important aspects of your business.

We use the latest software version and latest HTML practices so your website can have improved functionality and stand out. We never overcharge for our services no matter what and always put quality over quantity. Our team will deliver the best results within the agreed upon timeline.

Responsive Pages

We have all skills necessary to create HTML pages that are compatible with different devices including PC, tablets, and mobile. Responsive pages are mandatory for your website to a achieve success. We pay great attention to mobile-compatibility as we know this is the way to go for today’s websites.

Outsourcing to our experts guarantees the best results that you cannot easily find with other experts. Before beginning your project, we listen to your needs and pay close attention to details. We have all it takes to turn your dreams into a reality.

Save Money

Our experts have a high level of competency in design and are very proficient with software, these enable us offer high-quality services at very competitive prices. We make sure to spend the least amount of time possible so you can get your website up and running as soon as possible. We know the essence of timekeeping in business.

We have very attractive packages and discounts for both our first-time and returning customers that will leave them with more money for other uses. We seek to establish long time working relationships with our customers and by offering competitive prices; we believe they will keep returning for more. No matter what, we never compromise on the quality of our services.

Superior Quality

As far as website design is concerned, quality is a top priority as it determines how well a website will function, and its ability to attract more traffic, and in more conversions.

All of our designers have practical experience and high proficiency in design software, so will get your website up and running within the shortest time possible. We accept our mistakes and if you will need any changes made to the design, we will be happy to do.

To us, converting PSD to HTML is daily task. Whether you need a simple light touch or a big one, we will make a great difference. It is our joy to turn your imaginations into a reality, you just have tell us what you want and leave the rest to us.