We uphold and cherish the privacy of our clients and for this reason we pledge to hold in confidence the information and material you supply to us for the facilitation of the project. In order to assist you understand the circumstance under which we gather, disclose and communicate personal information, read through the bullet points below:

  • We first establish the relevance of any personal information we want to gather from you for the project
  • We gather such fundamental information with the sole objective of satisfying the purpose specified and other project relevant purposes upon authority and consent from the client or as stipulated by law
  • Personal information is only retained for as long as it helps the project
  • Personal information is gathered using fair and lawful means and where it is appropriate. We must ensure consent form the person or entity concerned first.
  • Personal information is protected using reasonable safeguards against theft, loss or unauthorized access, duplication, modification or disclosure.
  • We make available to our customers our privacy practices and policies with respect to handling and administration of personal information.

At Cali Collective Marketing we are under an obligation to carry out our business practice in full compliance with the specified principles. This helps ensure seamless execution of projects and upholding of confidentiality and privacy of client information. We often update our terms, conditions and privacy policies. The discretion is ours.