What entails PHP website development?

PHP is now a widely preferred scripting language. Businesses are taking advantage of PHP websites to conquer new territories and manage their enterprises. What is PHP website development?

PHP (Hypertext Preprocessor) is a general purpose and open source scripting language often suitable for the purpose of web development. PHP code can be entrenched into HTML. It could also be used alongside different website template systems, web frameworks and web CMSs. PHP is also used as an all-purpose language of programming. PHP is an innovation credited to Rasmus Lerdorf. The original meaning of PHP abbreviations was Personal Home Page. PHP now stands for Hypertext Preprocessor, a recursive backronymhttp://www.php.net/.

The processing of PHP code is done by an interpreter of PHP as a web server module or as an executable CGI (Common Gateway Interface). The executed and interpreted PHP code is combined by the website server. The generated web page may contain different forms of data which includes images. The execution of PHP code can also be carried out by CLI (Command line interface). CLI can also be employed in implementing standalone graphic appshttp://php.net/manual/en/tutorial.php.

Significance of PHP in web development

PHP is powering approximately 70 per cent of applications today. This scripting language has evolved to become a preferred and widely applied language on servers. Websites that are rich in features work best with PHP. The fact that millions of websites are PHP powered is testament enough that PHP popularity has grown. User friendly features have also made PHP a preferred scripting language. PHP is a preferred language for developing website innovations and enhancement of website functionalities.

PHP makes it possible to achieve an ingenious website capable of assisting clients locate the products and services a business provides. In the business world of today it has become a priority to come up with a website. The design and development of websites are important steps towards achieving this priority. PHP scripting language is the common language applied in development of websites and the embedded applications.

PHP is reliable, fast and secure. It offers more advantages by allowing for wide accessibility to large numbers of people. These and more are the reasons PHP programming has become popular for programmers in the website development industry. Highlighted below are some of the incredible benefits of PHPhttp://www.webadvances.net/blog/what-is-php-programming-and-what-can-php-do-for-my-website/.

  • PHP is more compatible with IIS and Apache servers compared to other programming languages.
  • PHP runs Sybase, Oracle and MySQL comfortably.
  • PHP is compatible with Linux and windows operating systems
  • PHP supports databases that are open source and the accompanying DBMS (Database Management Systems)
  • Creating websites using PHP is fairly simple due to the simplified methods, syntax and functions in PHP language.
  • PHP is also compatible with other open source CMSs like Typo3, Joomla, Drupal and osCommerce etc.

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Our expertise

We have a team of programmers that is experienced, skilled and knowledgeable in matters PHP website, software and applications development. Our objective is to deliver robust solutions with high professional standards. We make sure to avoid errors and include all the functionalities specified in the client’s requirement sheet.


Lamp (Linux, apache, MySQL and PHP) programming and development is a technology loaded with advantages with respect to open app and website app development. LAMP is an affordable medium of developing modern websites. LAMP uses Linux as its OS.

Our service range

Our PHP programming team has many professionals with a sole responsibility of satisfying our client needs. Our team is well acquainted with the following outlined skills:

  • Development of PHP applications
  • Development of Word Press theme or template
  • Integration of payment gateway
  • Development of dynamic website
  • Programming of custom website
  • Development of custom PHP websites
  • Integration of web services
  • Support and maintenance
  • Solutions in portal development
  • CMS development based on PHP
  • Development of PHP MySQL
  • Development of PHP framework
  • Ecommerce solutions based on PHP

Maintenance services

Maintenance of PHP applications such as in maintenance of websites and machines is required once in a while. We offer assistance with maintenance obligations for websites. Our services in maintenance provide modification services for the existing system and add-ons. Our maintenance service makes it possible for businesses to focus more on their primary responsibilities and broaden their reach while we handle maintenance responsibilities.

Our team of experts have sound and skilled PHP technicians. We are prepared to provide a variety of application development solutions to all our clients. We will handle everything starting with visualization all the way to program completion in order to provide end users with an optimum online experience.

Our skills in recent trends and technologies are an assurance that our client’s business enterprises will always be ahead of their competition.  You should outsource your PHP development needs to us. We will generate dynamic websites that allow for seamless usability and an excellent viewing experience. You will enjoy the advantages of easy navigation and reduced scrolling over a variety of devices. We are the best in this game.