It seems like every business today will have an online presence. This is where you need to put up a business website or any other form of website to make people aware of your services or products. It is not just for business; people also create websites for other reasons. You can have personal websites, company websites, e-commerce sites, and many others. The question that comes to mind when you want a new website is how much will it cost you. To understand the various costs involved in making a website, we get to check out the different types of websites.

Landing page website

You might get this also being called a one-page website. This is because people will only get to view one page on the website and that is it. Normally this is after redirecting them from a specific link found in the email or ad. It is common to find such websites to have a long single page with all the content. It can be long to scroll, but the best part is that they rarely have much content. It would be mostly images and videos so going through it should not be a problem.

The aim of such a website is to motivate the reader to purchase a product, sign up for an offer, call a number, or fill a form. All the content posted on the page will have only one aim, to make sure that the visitor completes the task. Such websites are too focused on one thing and thus minimizes the resources and efforts needed to handle them.

The cost for such a website can be from $5000 – $150000 depending on the scope of the product. Well defined projects will cost less as compared to those the developers have to start everything from scratch.

Small business websites

This is the most common type of website you can find online. It is for small businesses or personal websites and will be under 20 pages. The type of content you are likely to see will include Home, About, Services, Mission, Blog, News, and Contact Us. There might be additional pages depending on what the business is selling. These websites are good to promote small businesses generate revenue or promote your ideas to other people. You will get most of them using WordPress or Drupal frameworks for creating their website. It is easier now to set up the website using such frameworks than starting from scratch. Depending on the project scope, you could pay anything from $15000 – $30000.

Mid-size business websites

This is almost same as the small business websites, but this one will have more content or pages. Most of the time, it would be specific content that tells you more about the business. It can have a team of management and their bios, a resource center where you can download content about the business, interactive forms, a dealer location, and many others. The aim to make it easy for the reader to know every detail possible about the company.

This type of website will take a lot of resources and time to create. It is the reason you might find it a bit expensive as most of them range from $30000 to $40000. This of course also depends on the project scope.

Small business e-commerce websites

With everyone having a service to offer, making an e-commerce site would be ideal. For this type of website, you will be handling simple products and services. It should easier to set up such a website using Shopify or WordPress framework with WooCommerce. You will not even need the APIs to the back office systems or even the external databases. If you do not have many products or services to offer, then you should opt for this type of website as it is cheaper. Depending on the scope of what you need, it can cost you from $10000 to $25000.

Mid-size business e-commerce websites

This is another level from the small e-commerce websites. This kind of website is for a business that needs the company to provide shipping, accounting, fulfillment, and many other different back end functionalities. The business is also good when it comes to handling the large number of complex products. If you have various categories, then you will need a website that properly outlines them for the users to see. If you also need custom product presentations, then this is the type of website to choose.

This kind of level of e-commerce website needs frameworks such as Magento, Drupal Commerce or something similar. It can cost you anything from $40,000 to $100,000.

There might be many other website types available today all you need to make sure that you get the right quotation. Take the time to compare the prices from various developers and settle for one within your budget.

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