At Cali Collective Marketing, we are up-to-date with the latest graphic design concepts and trends and aim to be ahead of others by integrating classic designs with modern designs. Our designs are unique enough to be found anywhere else.

In this age where there are thousands of graphic designers who give customers a large variety of designs to select, it isn’t easy to emerge as the best designer. We always strive to find an intricate balance between clients’ tastes preferences and our commitment to providing services that will take their business to the next higher level. It’s or this reason that, before beginning work, we always listen to customers to find out what they need, and if it cannot work out best, advise them accordingly.

We understand that what is visual attracts attention and makes a great impact, so make sure to present your brand in the best way we can with our graphic design services. By using our graphic design services, you are guaranteed of brand to present you across the print and digital media in a unique manner. We are creative enough to transform your imaginations into a reality.

We never use any shortcuts to exploit our customers or make more profits. From conception to design, all of our work is done by our in-house team that makes sure to include an update you on every process of our job.

We offer many kinds of graphic design services to help your business tell its story in a simple process.

Logo Design

If you don’t have a logo, Cali Collective Marketing is the best place to start. We specialize in creating logos for various uses including website branding, product design, social media design, and business card design. Our skilled team will create for you a log that will build a solid foundation for your brand, ensuring they start paying attention to you right from the first time they view your logo on your website, social media, business card, or any other medium or place. By starting with a logo, you will have less redoing later and avoid confusing your clientele.

If you have a logo and are comfortable with it, we will begin working with it for branding and other services needed. If you would like us to tweak it a little, we will do this while ensuring it is consistent with your current branding.

Business Card Design

Despite the fact that we are in the digital age, a business card is a simple, essential addition to businesses, companies, and individuals. The biggest mistake many people make is randomly designing their business card, as they think the design is all about including business name, contacts, and other details.

If you heavily rely on business cards to make things work out, we will kick it up a notch so it can stand out. We can make any shape including square, rectangle, and round. We also have hundreds of ideas when it comes printing and finishing. We never settle for simple business designs that look too obvious, and promise they will stand out from your competition.

Usually, we handle business card design free of charges when you pair it with our other products or services including website design, web development, website redesigning, and  WordPress development. If you would like your design printed or shipped to your doorstep at very fair prices, we can do those for you too.

Letterhead Design

No matter the type of marketing you are into, to be successful you must be consistent. By doing this, you will build trust with customers as they know what you have to offer them. At Cali Collective Marketing, we help our customers focus on important things that will help promote their brand and build trust, such as company letterhead design.

Although you might have decided to go digital you will eventually realize a need for traditions stuffs such as official documentation and special correspondents. We will create a special letterhead for these purposes.

We will incorporate you company logo and branding in your letterhead, to give you and your business an astonishing start. Including letterheads in your print pieces makes them consistent trustworthy. If you would like to view our samples before contacting us, we have plenty of letterhead examples for you to view.

Envelope Design

While sending out mail and sealing up documents before handoff is becoming less popular, we cannot rule out completely. We create customized envelopes for businesses, companies, and individuals who want to catch the attention of their customers and lower chances of their letters landing in the dustbin before they can even be read.

By letting is design your envelopes, you make them an advertising tool, call-to-action, and a reminders that your business pays great attention to fine details. We have plenty of layout options and color options and are eager to start some branded envelopes for you now. Our services come with attractive discounts, save more money by letting us design and print your envelope design and business card.