Exceptional E-commerce Development Solutions

E-commerce platforms are a necessity for every business especially with expanded internet use in business. We provideexceptional E-commerce Development solutions as prescribed below.

E-commerce is an important businesses component in the 21st century with a registered 70% growth in global usage of the internet over the past decade. Retailers are capitalizing on online resources to overcome challenges that limited their market reachsuch as geographical proximity, language, currency and brand recognition. E-commerce platforms have various features that contribute to the alleviation of the stated challenges and promote the profit margins realized from an enterprise. The platforms are developed based on the user requirements and business objectives.

Development solutions

Development of e-commerce website platforms is guided by the client’s desire or the user requirements of the target markets. As clients, you may desire to convert your current website to incorporate e-commerce functionalities aimed at increasing the conversion rates, subscriptions or just establish a new entity as abrand. Alternatively, you may desire to build a new e-commerce platform for your business. Cali Collective has professional in development and customizing websites to suit your business model and the user’s requirements. Our core objectives during the development are as follows:

  • Ensure customer navigation while in the online store suites all shoppers
  • Employ the latest standard technologies for search engine visibility.
  • Employ light CSS layouts to lower the transaction processing time.
  • Guarantee user and systemsecurity.
  • Third party integration of all essential components of your business.
  • Consideration of the marketing avenues by integration of gateways to advertising mediums such as social media accounts.

More objectives that an e-commerce platform should meet are discussed here https://us.hitachi-solutions.com/blog/ecommerce-website-requirements/

Cali Collection development solutions focus to integrate the following features during the development process:

  • User verification protocol: As users create their user accounts, there is an email or shortcode verification sent to the email address or phone provided while signing up on the website. This limits the registration of disguised users.
  • Content management: The online store contains a lot of content on products which are on sale. Content management features make it easy for the administrators to keep the website up-to-date according to the changes in the inventory.
  • Multimedia management system:Online stores market their product using media designed for their products or their marketing strategies. This necessitates an elaborate development panel to make it possible for the development process.
  • A search box:visitors to the online store may have a particular product or may not be accustomed to the website. The search box makes it easy for such customers to access the products they seek to purchase with ease.
  • An elaborate delivery system. Online stores rely on delivery services to help the customer’s access the products purchased on the website. Integrate services from international delivery services based on the preference of our clients or their delivery policies.
  • Multiple methods of payments: Different clients have different forms of electronic money which may limit their access to products offered by the online store if limited to one payment system. We integrate credit card, PayPal, mobile money and any other forms of payment the client may prefer.
  • Advertisement platforms: To conduct comprehensive marketing strategies we integrate E-mail marketing as well as gateways to social media accounts. Additionally, we create a product description pane where products are briefly described for the prospective buyers.

More features are discussed in this link https://articles.braintreepayments.com/risk-and-security/compliance/ecommerce-website-requirements

E-commerce platforms are not only responsible for the retail of goods rather they also help in the administration of thebusiness. Cali Collective e-commerce developments consider these in the development of any platform to help the business management to strategies easier, keep track of finances and inventory. Therefore, were integrate reporting and trend identification tools in the system. The management is able to perform these functions using the following tools:

  • Contact management: contacts management is done by a keeping the subscribers email address, their physical mailing address, social media accounts and their telephone numbers. This makes it easier to reach the customers and address any issues on different avenues
  • Geolocation identifier: This tool enables the administrators and the management to identify areas where different products are selling most. This enables them to identify the marketing strategies to employ for such regions to sustain growth.
  • Inventory management tools: This tool notifies the administrators when certain inventory is running row or is not moving helping them to make informed decisions and perform the necessary response measures.
  • Trends in sale, growth and financial performance are easy to identify using these tools helping the management to plan strategically

Cali Collective Marketing provides exceptionale-commerce solutions, as earlier discussed. Thispromises to increase your business’s turn around. Elaborate and strategic management tools give our clients a competitive advantage in strategic positioning over their competitors.