What Characterizes Custom application development?

Custom app development is an appropriate solution for all unique needs in an organization. Customized apps help enhance operations. What are the dynamics in custom app development?

Custom app development may be understood as designing a software app that fits specific needs for user(s) in an entity. Custom software is designed with a purpose of precisely addressing specified needs. This is significantly different from the conventional readymade/off the shelf/mass produced software. Custom software is generated for a specific entity by some internal entity of by a third party of developers. Such an application is not designed for reselling.

Fundamental differences between custom and readymade applications

Readymade applications are often software applications packaged and made available to large groups of people who have varying but significantly identical needs. Microsoft OS is an example of such an application because it was designed for mass consumption. The motivation was to provide diverse solutions to varying user needs. Microsoft OS 2007, for instance, does not provide specified solutions only unique to a specific organization.

The custom application development is characterized by the initialization, development and discharge of software products designed specifically for one specific entity. A good example would be application designed for Nike for specific company use. Such software would be designed with considerations of brand, infrastructure and implementation requirements. This means that such software will most likely only work best for that specific organization.

Advantages of developing custom applications

Custom software is personalized. For this reason the application contains unique features that would otherwise be missing from readymade software. Application design with specific inclusion of the needs of an organization would mean that the level of efficiency and productivity is enhanced in that organization.

If for instance an application is designed with an objective of increasing the levels of productivity or for handling internal coordination needs, the costs associated with developing that application will most likely be offset by the potential of enhanced efficiency and productivity. If the needs in a company are significant and unique enough as to necessitate custom application, a customization solution would be preferred than sourcing for readymade software.

Limitations of custom software application

  • Readymade software is readily available on the shelves. As for custom applications it takes time and a lot of resources to make a design and execute. There are more risks and costs to this. The bargain of what you endure is however worth every effort because the promise of better efficiency and productivity overrides the costs implication.
  • The cost of custom application is higher compared to readymade off-the-shelf applications. An organization has to be adequately prepared with a good budget. Other software is priced lower for the simple reason that economies of scale allow for distribution of costs among many users. Custom software is specifically designed for use by one entity.
  • Custom application has associated risks depending on the user for whom the app is developed. The company or entity sourcing for custom application must have good comprehension of the requirements and the way they desire the final product to take care of the need.
  • It may not be difficult to identify needs in a company but the time, effort and costs associated with the development of that software may be hard to bear. Frequent adjustment and changes could result to distortion of the scope of a project i.e. scoop creep. Such an occurrence will potentially lead to a product that has significantly deviated from the intended purpose.

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