Online shopping has taken over the internet and is growing in popularity across the globe. It comes as no surprise that we see an overload of online shopping sites flooding the advertisements on you favourite social media feed. The reasons for online shoppings popularity is the facts that it saves so much time and effort for the shopper. Not only that but in an age of constant consumerism where more is never enough the shopper can feed the habit with just a few clicks. Also, this is the culture of quantity over quality and for this reason the flooded market has caused prices to drop drastically. Online business is the way of the present and the future, and online shopping is a business industry that will just continue to grow.

If you are business woman or man that is involved in this growing market then there are a few things you need to know. The foundation of your success lies in a flawless website. Everything from the aesthetics to the websites interface needs to be perfectly designed.

There is a huge difference in profit between businesses selling the exact same product. Why? Because on website is beautiful designed and the other screams of millenium dial up. It is obvious; if the website is designed in such a way as to be incredibly easy for the user to navigate then the user is more inclined to reach the end and actually move from just browsing products to actually following through with the purchase. If you want to bring your business from a side to a business financing trips to tropical locations than read the following tips and pointers for your online shopping website.

  • Your homepage is the hook

The homepage is usually the very first introduction that a browser has of your website. In this age ion technology we no longer have to be the friendly face welcoming the customer as they walk in through the shop door. Treat your homepage as that store welcomer. Picture your homepage as the person greeting your prospective customer and making a good impression that encourages the brewer to continue to ‘walk’ through your store. Ensure that all the applicable facts are readily shown on the homepage and are aesthetically pleasing. The visual design element plays a huge role in the homepage. Use multimedia to display your images and use the homepage in much the same way a land-locked store would use its shop windows- displaying the newest and the sale or discounts you have on offer.

  • Allow the browser to actually browse before signing up

Some websites have great potential however they lose at least 50% of their potential clients by making people first sign up or log in before being allowed to browse you store freely. Do not make the same mistake! By allowing a free flow of browsers through your online shopping website you will generate more traffic which in turn equates to a higher conversion rate. Essentially it means the more people you have browsing your site; the higher your potential for incoming money.

  • Let the Browser Feel Like a Seasoned Sailor

Navigation through your online shopping website should be smooth sailing. if you have a first time visitor on your site and he or she is struggling to search for the product he or she desires than you will lose that potential client. People use online shopping because it is easier and simpler. So if your website is a challenge to navigate it defeats the point of online shopping. Organise and structure your information so that the website is clean and clear. Allow people to have options to search a wide range of options; colours, brands, prices and more. Ensure that every page has your business logo and that by clicking the logo the browser will be directed back to the home page.

  • Keep the Order Time Short

Again, the concept of time and the constant need to save time is one aspect that drives the online shopping business. Time is sacred to your browser and you will fall short if you make the waiting time between ordering and delivery too long. Also, give people an option to pay extra to have it delivered as soon as possible. In addition to a hasty delivery time you need to ensure that the actual process of purchase and ordering needs to simple and seamless. Keep it simple and avoid taking your customers on a wild web goose chase. Keep it to a one, two, possibly three click structure.

  • Be Transparent

This is one of the most important factors to be considered. Your prospective customer needs to be encouraged that they can trust the website.

The customer does not have a person to there to make them feel safe with their payment details. By making all important information clear and concise from the start you will nube encouraging a sense of trust and the browser will indeed be more inclined to trust you with their payment details.


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