Making predictions of how the industry will look like in the future is what can help you end up with a better business. If you are into content marketing business, then you will need to have the best strategy and understand the new trends to survive the markets. Content marketing has become popular with many people always looking for new ways to be at the top with the right content. Understanding the various trends available helps you serve your clients and yourself better when it comes to content marketing. Let us check out some of the best content marketing trends in 2017.

Better content writing

As much as videos and images are now ruling the world thanks to apps such as Instagram and Snapchat, written content still has a huge following. A huge part of content marketing will involve getting something written. The only problem has been that the content produced is boring and does not pay attention to the different details that are needed by the reader.

Poor content is attributed to the fact that such marketers have not trained in producing the best content for clients. 2017 is a year that needs someone who understands the art of writing or you might end up with no business. People want factual content that can answer the questions they might have about the topic.

Focusing more on the content strategy

When it comes to churning out content, then you have to be sure to pick the right content strategy. Each time you produce content, then you have to make sure that it serves the purpose of educating the readers. Gone are the days where you would simply use content so long as it works. You have to make sure that you can now pick the best strategy to deliver only the best content.

Having good content is what drives traffic to your website. This means that you need to make sure that you get to post the best content. If your content strategy is not working at the moment, then you have to get it stopped and get a better one. 2017 will see some of the best changes in content strategies.

Going mobile

If you check out some of the past content marketing strategies, then you can be sure they must have touched on going mobile to reach a wider audience. If you have a website that does not have a mobile version, then you are missing out on a lot. Many people today are using their phones and tablets to access the internet.

You can find many websites today being responsive. This means that they can adapt to the screen size. This is important to ensure that you can end up with a website that can accessed by any device.

Email marketing returning

For a long time, people thought that with the introduction of instant messaging apps, then there would no need for using emails. As much as there was a bit of an effect, things seem to be changing in the world of email marketing. It is just like people thought desktops would be dead with the introduction of laptops, but the desktops are now better.

It is expected that many people would see more of email marketing. The use of email marketing seems to be still important as those tech savvy users will always check their emails everyday. As much as social media seems to be getting most of the attention, the use of email marketing is also getting better with time.

Captivating visuals

There is no doubt that you will get to enjoy some captivating visuals in the content. It does not always have to be words only in content. The addition of video and images is still important. Having content without these two can make it quite boring, even if it is educating. Even majority of the content marketers agree that the use of videos and images have a high ROI than using other forms of content. It is the reason many marketers are coming up with creative content to ensure that they can capture the audience in a short time.

Interactive content

Interactive content is always going to capture the attention of a person in a short time. This is different from the static content that many people post today. 2017 is going to see a change in that. People now understand what they have to do to ensure that the readers are interested in their content. Some of the interactive additions could be quizzes, calculators, interactive infographics, games, and maps.

Being able to track content is important for you to understand how it is performing. It is the reason you need to check out new trends in analytics also. You now have some of the top content marketing trends that would rule 2017. Go ahead to share with your friends who are also into content marketing.


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